Autofuel is a robotic refueling system - The automated link between car and energy

The refueling of our cars is done just like it has been done for the past 70 years, and no major development has taken place. In the same period the technology has developed faster than ever, and today we have fast internet, smartphones, AI assistants and self-driving cars that will soon be present on the roads. Gas stations with robotic refueling can offer a top level convenience for both today's customer and for tomorrow's mobility.

The next step in convenience

In today’s energy retail market, convenience is one of the key parameters of competition. But nonetheless, on today's gas stations the convenience is mostly taking place inside the shop and not on the forecourt. Robotic refueling is convenience in its most valuable sort, - it basically gives the customer time. Stay in the car for a short break, or go to the shop for a coffee while the car is getting refueled. Manual refueling demands the driver's attention or direct involvement for at least as long as the car is being refueled. 

With Autofuel robotic refueling, the driver is relieved from the refueling task and given more freedom.

  • Benefits for everyone

    Autofuel brings in benefits for both the customer, the gas station and the energy company.

  • How payment is handled

    The Autofuel robot not only refuels the car, it also takes care of customer identification and payments. No action is needed from the customer.

  • No modifications

    Autofuel is an add-on to your existing dispenser, requires no modifications and still lets you refuel manually.

Autofuel is taking the gas station to the next level of convenience, and besides giving the gas station a higher income and a faster flow

Autofuel is making sure that the technology you will find on your local gas station is just as advanced as the one you arrive in.

  • Stay in the car

    In bad weather conditions or areas we you do not feel safe.

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  • Fully automated

    Autofuel takes care of the complete refueling process, no human interaction is needed.

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  • All types of fuel

    Autofuel is the automated link between the car and the energy type - no matter what type of energy your car prefer.

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  • Approved and safe

    Autofuel is the world first ATEX approved collaborative robotic system. Safety approved to work side-by-side with humans.

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  • Both sides - both robotic and manual

    Autofuel can operate on both sides of the island.  The customer can always choose between manual and robotic refueling.

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  • See it live

    Autofuel are the only company in Europe with robotic refueling systems in daily operation at commercial gas stations.

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The customer experience step by step

When signing up for using the Autofuel system, the customer will register the car details such as model, fuel type, payment details and license plate. The license plate is used for recognizing the car and customer details upon arrival at the gas station. Most customers will receive a special gas tank cap, for the fuel inlet on their car, but some new cars already have this cap installed from the factory. This gas cap will also make manual refueling easier, when visiting traditional gas stations.

  • Arrival

    Upon arrival to the gas station, the license plate is being recognized by the Autofuel system.
    From our cloud database, the robot receives the specific car details, along with the customer's payment details and preferred fuel type.

  • Parking

    The driver will receive parking instructions on a screen as the car approaches the system, much like the instructions you know from the car wash.

  • Refueling

    When the car is recognized and parked in the correct position, the refueling will start.
    Autofuel is opening the fuel door and placing the nozzle from the dispenser in the fuel inlet.

  • Information

    The customer will be able to follow the refueling process and will see a message on the screen, when the robot has completed the refueling.

  • Completion

    The driver can drive away as soon as the green light is given. That will happen when the robotic arm has closed the fuel door on the car.
    The payment has already been cleared, while the car was refueled.


Benefits for all stakeholders

For most people, refueling is not a joy but a necessary hassle. For gas station owners, long parking times at the dispenser and unorganized driving flows can lead to decreased income. Click below to read more about the benefits of using robotic refueling.

  • What are the benefits for the gas station?

  • What are the benefits for the customers?

Robotic refueling - complete automation

Autofuel is a fully automated robotic refueling system. We offer integrations with your existing payment/billing systems, at the desired level. The system can be completely automatic and start automatically when it recognizes the car, or it can integrate with a mobile app, from where the user can start the system. We will assist in finding the best model of collaboration that both suits your business needs and provides the optimal customer experience.

  • License plate recognition

    Using the existing customer base of the energy company, Autofuel can link the car's license plate and robot refueling data with existing customer cards, payment systems, mobile apps etc. Autofuel can both do user identification and request the payment/billing exclusively from license plate recognition.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Autofuel uses an advanced AI algorithm to position the car correctly. The AI system is able to position the car within +/- 1mm of accuracy. The allowed parking range varies depending on the car model, but is usually around 50-60 cm. The user is guided on a screen with intuitive graphics, showing everything from parking instructions to refueling status. During refueling, the screen can also be used for showing commercials.

The automated link between the car and the energy source

Autofuel is not only for regular liquid fuels, but can also - by adjusting the robotic tool - handle alternative fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, CNG and LNG. No matter the type of fuel, Autofuel is the automated link between car and energy source.

Autonomous cars are soon a reality, and for these, Autofuel is the ideal solution, keeping them full of energy, without any human action involved.

Installation, maintenance and support

Autofuel is not only for regular fossil fuels, but can also - by adjusting the robotic tool - handle alternative fuels such as CNG, LNG, hydrogen and electricity. No matter the type of fuel, Autofuel is the automated link between car and energy source.

Autonomous cars are soon a reality, and for these, Autofuel is the ideal solution, keeping them full of energy, without any human action involved.

Automatic and manual fueling

The Autofuel system is mounted right next to the existing dispenser on the fuel island and can handle most of the available dispensers on the market.

The Autofuel system is an addition to the existing fuel dispenser. Therefore, the customer can always choose between automatic refueling or manual refueling.

For the investors

  • 136,000

    gas stations in EU

  • 292,000,000

    passenger cars in EU

  • 1.2 billion

    hours spent on refueling each year

  • 2.4%

    average annual growth of the car fleet in EU

  • 51 billion

    dollar market in 2028

  • 1 company

    With ATEX approved systems